Our offer

Dubbing studio Bark Media offers to its clients the full range of audio post production services, dubbing, subtitling, video editing and color corrections.
Location sound recording for theatrical releases, tv series, commercials
Complete audio post production in stereo or 5.1/7.1 (surround) sound
Dubbing: voiceover or lip sync
Re-Recording Mixing
Sound Design
Music Composition
Music Mixing
M&E Mixing
Audio restoration from analog and digital sources
TTS/text-to-speech/ recordings. Laryngophone mics are optional and available.
Video editing, color corrections and CGI
2D/3D DCP mastering and subtitling – digital copies for distribution in cinemas
You may rely on us to organize casting events for new voices – we work successfully both with renowned voice actors and with new names that are not so popular yet. Depending on the project we can provide the services of professional translators and interpreters, editors, composers, dubbing directors, vocalists, etc.

Audio post production

dialogue editing

recording and dialogue editing



foley effects and sound design


final mix

m&e (music & effects)

DCP Mastering & Subtitling

2D/3D DCP mastering

2D/3D DCP subtitling

the process uncludes selection of microphones and alternative takes, synchronization, editing, de-noising, frequency adjustment and leveling
recording voices (lypsinc), synchronization, editing and frequency adjustment
dubbing for television and theatrical releases voiceover or lypsinc
automated dialogue replacement: re-recording dialogue by the original actor to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes. ADR is also used to change original lines recorded on set if the production sound is unusable.
reproduction and recording of everyday synchronous effects, recording of additional non-synchronous effects, creating design sound effects, preparing the whole atmospheric audio picture.
composing, recording and mixing music in 2.0 (stereo) or 5.1/7.1 surround format
stereo (for broadcasting), 5.1/7.1 surround (for theatrical distribution), stereo and 5.1 (for DVD/BLU-RAY distribution)
preparation and mixing music and sound effects without dialogue/voices for dubbing in foreign language
encoding and mastering a distribution package for digital cinema
processing subtitles for digital cinema