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Modern spectators are becoming more and more familiar with the creative process in film and TV production and this has made them more demanding with respect to the final product. The proper sound recording, dubbing, sound design, mixing and post production of each project comes to demonstrate respect both to the team creating the visual arts and to all viewers.

Here in Bark Media we believe that

Quality sound adds value to every work of visual arts.
Here in Bark Media we respect the efforts of everyone participating in the creation of the audio-visual product.

Here in Bark Media we adore all we do

Looking at the dubbing production on the Bulgarian market today we are trying to find the weak points in the industry and to resolve it.
We find the need of more accurate work in the translation domain. Sometimes small mistakes in the translation can lead to nonsense and destroy the whole impression.
The translation is a key part of the dubbing process and the good, well synced and clear text is obligatory. The fluctuation and the changes of the actors in the middle of the season are always badly accepted from the audience. We prevent this by setting special rule in our contracts.
The routine cast of only 20-25 people in the Voice Over industry is beating off the public and we should make a move into more aggressive scouting and training of new voices.